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Baku Moving | Local & Long Distance Moving | VA | DC | MD


The  Baku Moving Company has a decade of experience, and these are not empty words

In our business, that requires a great deal of responsibility, experience is everything. With every year we have accumulated invaluable knowledge, improved our skills, and tested new methods and equipment. Our team of experienced professionals has enthusiastically worked overtime to develop their problem-solving skills that can help us find solutions to tasks of any complexity. Our expertise and a smooth workflow will allow you to save on your trucking services and still get high-quality results.


We welcome our new staff like new family members.

We select our team members very carefully and provide them with everything they need to improve their performance and maintain their team spirit. We believe that good work is based not only on external procedures but also on how you organize your own operation. We work well together and are always ready to reassure and support each other, and this is what makes our services so reliable.

Baku Moving | Local & Long Distance Moving | VA | DC | MD
Baku Moving | Local & Long Distance Moving | VA | DC | MD


Our trucks are like cells that bring movement to roadways

Well-maintained vehicles is what it takes to deliver our shipments quickly and safely to where they need to be. We take very good care of our vehicles, making sure they are in good shape and look good. Our fleet consists of more than 20 makes of vehicles and each is designed for a particular type of goods.


Pricing is one of the most important parameters in your selection of transportation companies.

While charging reasonable prices for our services, we provide the best solutions on the market today. Come to Baku Moving for your special bargain prices for transportation across DMV. Visit our site to find special offers or lucrative deals at discount prices. It is important to remember that we do not change our prices in the process of fulfilling your order. You will always know what you pay for and how much!

Baku Moving | Local & Long Distance Moving | VA | DC | MD
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