Moving Tips:


  • Reserve the elevator.

If your building has multiple elevators, contact your building manager at least two weeks in advance of your move to reserve it for a specific time frame on move day. If your building doesn’t have multiple elevators, ask your building manager if you can use the service elevator. Plan your move on a weekday when there are less people using the elevators, in the hallways, and less cars in the parking lot. Get your elevator reservation in writing. Ask for access to the building for moving company.

  • Reserve Parking lot for moving truck

Reserving parking is key as a distant spot means we have to carry items farther than necessary and this can add significant time and expense. A lot of clients underestimate this, but most of moving is just hauling possessions to/from the truck! If the truck is twice as far away, it will, therefore, extend the move commensurately. In some urban areas, you may need to block part of the street near or in front of your new building for the moving truck. By contacting your local municipality or police precinct at least a week prior to the move, you can secure a parking permit, which must be posted 72 hours in advance of the move date to be enforced.

For long-distance moves, in particular, reserving the loading dock is essential. Interstate moves typically involve a tractor-trailer, and the mover will require access to the loading dock for such a large truck.