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  • Did you ever move from one apartment to another? Gosh! Everything is finally transported, brought into the apartment and stands there. Well, it’s high time to have a cup of tea. Where we packed the cups? Half an hour later everything is unpacked, boxes turned upside down, but you have not found the cups! Come to think of it, and where is the tea?


  • Marking seems to be a simple thing, but how can you take care of everything, when you’re moving and packing? One person puts one thing into the box, another person puts something else there. The most important thing is to remember what is where! You do remember at first. And that’s when markers from the Baku Moving Company arrive. Passionate hearts, cool heads, clean hands – that’s them! They pack your belongings, mark them, and move them. Would you like a cup of tea? The cups are in box 2611, tea in box 1344, sugar in box 4835. How about the spoons? Would you like the steel spoons or the cupro-nickel ones?That’s what marking is! And you cannot do without it.

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